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Bloc Consulting is an Acoustic Consultancy that specialises in architectural and environmental noise and vibration engineering. We aim to combine a high quality practical and personal service with efficient methods of delivery, across the south.

Bloc Consulting is poised to assist with the full range of acoustic consultancy services throughout the entire RIBA Plan of Work from feasibility to completion. We’re also able to provide full support with on-site noise, dust and vibration monitoring (which Local Authorities often ask for at the boundaries of sites).

Our team has a combined experience of more than thirty five years in acoustics and the construction industry, and each team member has had the opportunity to be involved in a wide range of exciting projects.

  • External building fabric sound insulation assessments
  • Internal separating partition sound insulation assessments
  • Privacy and control of flanking sound transmission
  • Room acoustic modelling, reverberation and speech intelligibility assessments
  • Noise impact assessments for large master planning schemes
  • Environmental noise prediction and modelling
  • Industrial noise impact assessments
  • Atmospheric plant noise assessments
  • Control of duct-borne noise and acoustic vent analysis
  • Noise control for air conditioning plant and terminal units
  • Noise and vibration mechanical noise control specification (including attenuator specification, anti-vibration isolation mounts)
  • Noise assessment of industrial and commercial projects as part of Environmental Statements (ES) and Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA), submissions to the Environment Protection Authority or Local Authority
  • 3D modelling of environmental noise emissions
  • Design of barriers, enclosures, silencers, plant treatment and other noise control measures
  • Compliance testing of existing installations
  • Plant noise level measurements and assessments
  • Specific Local Authority guidelines
  • British Standard guidelines
  • Noise, dust and vibration management assessments and plans (Section 61)
  • Noise dust and vibration on-site monitoring
  • Specific Local Authority guidelines
  • British Standard guidelines
  • Environmental noise impact studies for proposed railways/airports
  • Planning of developments near railways/airports
  • Measurement of noise from existing railways
  • Assessment of railway noise intrusion into proposed developments to meet council requirements
  • Helicopter landing site noise assessment

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© 2022 Bloc Consulting, a division of All Bloc Limited Company number 11008703

© 2022 Bloc Consulting, a division of All Bloc Limited
Company number 11008703

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